FDP1 : Foundation of Data Science

FDP2 : Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning

FDP3 : Data Science and Its Applications


About the FDPs
In the latest technology trend, organizations are looking for the intelligent automation tools to solve business challenges, increase productivity, efficiency, and accuracy which results in a benefit to the organization. Analytic firms like Deloitte, McKinsey etc. predicted that next few years data science will leads all the engineering domains. AICTE in its ‘Approval Process Handbook’ also emphasized need to include courses related to data science be made part of curriculum in all branches and faculty from branches like electronics must learn these new technologies. There is a need to find innovative way to leverage these technologies which are the fastest gaining technologies in current market. There is a lack of understanding of the potential benefits of these technologies to solve business problems. Deep insights are required into these technologies to find business solutions. This FDP promises to provide teachers hands-on training and industry connect for sharing real life case studies.

Objectives of the Programme

  1. To motivate teachers from engineering domains like electronics etc. to adopt new relevant technologies like intelligent automation and data science.
  2. To provide hands-on training to teachers on various tools and platforms of intelligent automation, machine learning and data science
  3. To train teachers on data exploration, data modeling, analytics and visualization.
  4. To provide hands-on training on various programming languages like R, Python, Base SAS etc.
  5. To provide platform to faculty members to interact with industry experts from these domains
  6. To make teachers aware that these technologies need to be introduced in all branches of engineering to increase employable and also empower teachers in these technologies by providing opportunity of learning

Expected Outcome

  1. Course content on intelligent automation, machine learning and data science
  2. Trained teachers in various programming languages like R, Python and SAS
  3. Hands on training on various tools from industry experts and renowned academicians
  4. Curriculum content and feasibility of including data science, machine learning and industrial automation related courses
  5. Various laboratory exercises to be carried out in these courses are adopted in curriculum
  6. Social network of faculty and industry experts
  7. Ideas for projects and research possibilities in these domain.

Course Contents/Highlights

Broadly Three TWO week FDP’s will cover the following contents:

  • FDP1 : Foundation of Data Science
    • Mathematical foundation – Probability, Statistics, Linear Algebra etc. Programming – R, SCALA, Python etc. Basics of scalable data science.
  • FDP2 : Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning
    • Basics of AI, RPA, Natural language processing, basics of ML, regression, classification, clustering, recommendation, association mining etc.
  • FDP3 : Data Science and Its Applications
    • Life cycle of data science, data analytics, visualization, deep learning and real life applications of data science.

Teachers from AICTE recognized engineering colleges and polytechnics can attend this FDP.

Resource Persons
Distinguished faculty members from the renowned institutes like IIT, other institutes and industry experts/ trainers working in the domain of RPA, machine learning and data science will be the resource persons for the FDP.

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