Program Evaluation Committee (PEC)

  1. Dr. B. N. Chaudhari,  Principal of the Institution (Chairperson)
  2. Dr. Deepak Karia, Head of Electronics Engineering Department
  3. Dr. P. B. Bhavathankar, Head of Information Technology Department
  4. Dr. D. R. Kalbande,  Subject Expert
  5. Dr. S. S. Rathod, Co-ordinator of the program (Member Secretary)

Regular evaluations will be carried out in the form of quizzes by various resource persons during/at the end of their sessions. If any home work or practical work given then that may be evaluated by the resource person. Also a test will be conducted by Program Evaluation Committee (PEC) at the end of the program and the certificates shall be issued to those participants who attended the program and have qualified in the overall assessment. The minutes of the meeting, along with PEC report will be submitted to the AICTE at the end of the program along with mandatory documents.